Professional Services

Bespoke protection for you and your equipment

Whether you work as an accountant, teacher, designer, IT professional, sports instructor or something else, get the right cover in place to protect your livelihood.


Everybody makes mistakes and some of these have bigger repercussions than others. When you working as a professional offering consultancy and/or advice, getting something wrong could have significant consequences for your customers.

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Key Features

Professional Indemnity

Covers negligent advice and consultancy claims.

Directors & Officers

Supporting your directors with direct liability claims.

Office Buildings

Safeguard your offices premises and contents.


Financial security following a cyberattack.

Imagine you’re an IT professional and are responsible for repairing a client’s computer network. During this time, you accidently lose some of your client’s data and vital documents. They may hold you responsible for any business interruption caused, as well any other inconvenience caused. No matter your profession, you need to protect yourself against legal risk.


Rockland Insurance Brokers is experienced in helping a wide range of professionals arrange tailored insurance for their needs. With Professional Indemnity (PI) cover in place, you will be protected from financial loss caused by defending and/or settling a claim.

Rockland Insurance Brokers provide: 


  • Bespoke protection for professionals
  • Common-sense approach
  • Full claims support
  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Personal level of service

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