Excess Protect

Cover your motor excess

When you take out Motor Insurance, you will agree to a level of compulsory and voluntary excess. The voluntary excess is the amount that you will personally need to cover for in the event of an insurable incident. 


Usually, the higher the excess you agree to take on, the lower your insurance premium. However, in the event of a crash you may regret bumping up your motor excess if you don’t have the funds available. This is where Excess Protect can help.  With this scheme, the excess that you would need to have paid in the event of an incident will now be reimbursed to you; which means you won’t be left out of pocket.

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Key Features

Family all-in-one

Cover that's designed to reimburse motor, home, gadget, travel and pet insurance claims.


Covers the majority of commercial risks, excluding motor trade, marine and professional indemnity.


Can either cover a taxi on its own or can cover a taxi and the family all-in-one option as well.

This scheme covers motor, home, family all-in-one, taxi businesses, commercial, fleet and aggregate fleet.


We are proud to present a product designed to pay back the excess that you have had to pay your insurer. We have joined a recognised provider in the market in order to deliver this product to our clients. After completing a simple set of questions, your motor excess will be paid back to you.


This policy is valid in the event of an accident where there is no responsible third party, including fire, theft and vandalism.

Rockland Insurance Brokers provide: 


  • Bespoke excess protection
  • Common-sense approach
  • Full claims support
  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Personal level of service

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